Sunday, April 23, 2006

The shoes on the other foot now

Old timers in the Castro district of San Francisco are complaining because a wave of new arrivals don't share their values and expect the neighborhood to conform to their sensibilities.

The twist? Castro is a hard-core gay district that is having to adjust to gays with children.

Shop owners say they have made appropriate concessions, removing the most provocative displays.

Mark Walsh, 50, the manager of a gay sex shop called Rock Hard, said: "There are always a few outspoken couples with children, both heterosexual and gay, who expect everything to be prim and proper.

"But this is the Castro and anybody who moves here knows what they are moving to. We are very sexual people and we do tend to flaunt it a little.

"I have cleaned up my windows to the extent I am willing to. This is the one place in the country where we can all gather and be ourselves and not have to worry. I don't like that people are trying to change our ways."

Of course the prim and proper gay couples aren't moving from the 'burbs to the Castro distict when they have kids. They are Castro residents who re-evaluate the culture they are living in when they become responsible for raising children.

It probably won't be too long before most of them find the suburbs a better fit for thier new lifestyle and discover that uptight suburban heterosexuals are more accepting of their families than their former neighbors in the Castro district.


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